A downloadable game for Linux

An open-ended, obscure simulation realized as a multiplayer game taking place in a small universe. At its core, the engine is a simulation of entities possessing a number of different components that represent their properties. One such property is the ability to emulate machine code assembled for the uxn fantasy architecture.

The game is separated into a core engine and a modding layer that can be scripted in C. Check out the source code at its GitLab repository.

You can find out more about the uxn virtual machine at the xxiivv wiki, and a good place to familiarize yourself with programming it is the compudanzas uxn tutorial. However, you can jump right in without these at first, because some example assemblies and roms are already included in the downloads.


doldrusidus-aarch64-linux-gnu-debug.zip 5 MB
doldrusidus-arm-linux-gnueabihf-debug.zip 5 MB
doldrusidus-i686-linux-gnu-debug.zip 5 MB
doldrusidus-x86_64-linux-gnu-debug.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

The game requires a C compiler for mods, make sure to set the path to it in "res/config.json" if it differs from the default, which is "cc". Also, to be able to create ROMs that machines on the server will emulate, you'll need an assembler for the uxn architecture.

Supported CPU architectures:

  • x86_64  - 64-bit x86
  • i686    - 32-bit x86
  • aarch64 - 64-bit ARM
  • armhf   - 32-bit ARM with the VFP3-D16 extension

For more information, see the included README.md and the help menus of the server and client programs by passing them the "--help" flag on the command line.

Development log


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I barely grasp what this is, but it fascinates me. It also reminds me of an old DOS game called "Destruction Zone", though I suspect there are actually next to zero actual similarities.

Thanks! It’s a bit inscrutable right now, but that will hopefully change as the world gets a bit more fleshed out.